Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cancer Causes and Controversies

Cancer Causes and Controversies: Understanding Risk Reduction and Prevention

My book entitled Cancer Causes and Controversies (understanding preventable risk factors) is coming out July 31, 2011.
Be on the look out!!!!!


  1. Great book and great subject! I am really looking forward to read it. Do you have any information about food, genes and cancer? I am also right now writing a book on that subject... Congratulations anyway for your success, amigo! David

  2. Great to find you online, Ben, and learn of your success since those days long ago as lab neighbours in Cambridge. I look forward to reading your book. Best wishes, Rachel C

  3. This is incredible to hear from you after all this time- I always wonder where you are, are you still in touch with old friends from Cambridge; Peter, Duncan etc etc Andrew Smith is in Edinburgh. I am going to post some more information about the book on this page soon- be on the look-out.
    It really is nice to hear from you!!!!!!